This music video described the third instrumental track of the album ''R.E.D.A. presents Da Blitzkrieg'' which features snippets from the movie ''The Road to Guantanamo'' who following 3 young men during their detention in the US prison camp.

The clip shows different abuse from military and CIA interrogators like music torture, isolation, beating etc. and it's accompanied by an abstract repetitive electronic samples with a hard hip hop drum track.

The whole editing was made in Brussels, Belgium

Collaborative track between hip hop belgian producer/beatmaker R.E.D.A. and Brooklyn rapper Sensational.

The music video was filmed in Brussels in 2010 and has a cameo of the founder of Wordsound records and producer, Spectre.

The footage contains strange images of ghost, guns, hand grenades, accompanied by a heavy beat, collage of dirty and grimy noise, scratch and djing which provide a chaotic ambience